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He replied: "Wei, i was thinking the same thing." I must say that I am quite impressed by Frederic Arnault. I asked other opinions and in particular the world-renowned Breitling Replica Watches specialist Arno Haslinger. I received the same response: "He is good." He knows exactly what he is doing, and his watches are solid.

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I stopped for a moment. You need to understand that the watch industry is a very insular and guarded environment. One of the prevailing opinions is that upper management in the watch industry, particularly at large group-owned brands has replaced charismatic and engaging entrepreneurs with INSEAD educated managers who care more about EBITDA margins than horology.(www.perfectreplicashop.com)

The result is that watches are no longer a product of genuine passion for watchmaking, but rather feel more like strategic pieces. Arnault's first year as CEO is not a good indicator of his true character. In fact, his knowledge of his brand and his insight into its history made me feel intimidated when I spoke to him about his impressive array watches created this year. This is exactly the feeling you should have when talking about watches with a leader of a Swiss brand.

He is not like the icons of the 20th century watch industry in terms of temperament or manner. He is more measured, while others are exuberant, he's reserved, while others are flamboyant, he's soft-spoken, while some shout loudly, and he's understated,IWC Replica Watches while other are outspoken. But he could be the best modern successor, because he has a very simple, but elusive, ability. To make genuinely good watches.

We will look at the year solely through the eyes of Arnault and Breitling Replica Watches. Carrera Silver Limited Edition was created for the 160th anniversary of the brand and was an incredible homage to a classic. The second watch was the Monaco Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, which had a dial with rhodium plated sunrays.