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You mean "right" in terms of the design, but also ownership system?

Yes. Although it is a very exciting and organic method of selling watches, it can also be frustrating because I don't have any control. In one week, I might not sell anything and in another day I could sell 10.

I chose the referral method because of a variety of reasons. Firstly, I was looking to disrupt and do something new. I have been selling in some form all my life. I decided to do something that would value the relationship and make it more than a simple financial transaction. I also wanted the owners and buyers to be part of our story. Strange how people react when friends recommend you.Omega Replica Some clients want to keep the watch for themselves and won't recommend anyone. Some clients are so excited about the watch that they want to share and talk about it. Would it have been the same success if I had marketed it differently? We'll never know.

Are you happy with the sales?

We are on track with the sale of more than half our watches. It's exactly where I wanted to be. Everyone likes it. The marketing campaign hasn't worked. Many people who own [Vertex watches] were watch collectors, but now they wear their Vertex every day. This is incredible and flattering. Revolution has been supportive of the project since the start, but there were some journalists who were initially very against the idea, but now are real advocates because they get it.

Da Luca, a US-based strap manufacturer, has fitted the Vertex M100 with an exclusive shell cordovan strap.

What do they get?

Vertex is not just about our marketing. You will not be taken seriously if you tell the same story to everyone else. It's vital to have something that makes people stop. Some will think "That's absurd, get out of here" while others will think "This is cool". The best thing about Vertex is its integrity and authority, derived from its history,Tissot Replica making it a wonderful thing to be part of. We have not received any returns yet, but everyone has the right to send back the watch if it doesn't suit them.

This is a new marketing method in the world of watches. What was the reaction of people to this method of marketing?

At first, I thought that no one cared what I did. I was shocked when people got upset that they couldn't buy an M100. My only goal was to create a fantastic watch. I did not have a large marketing budget, so I decided to let the customers own the brand. It seems like a lot people think that if you have money, you should be able to buy whatever you want.