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We never wanted to be elitist. On the contrary, we wanted to do good and seduce people. Never was it about "give me money". We wanted to build a community that allowed people to share their experiences and talk with each other. This is something we want to continue in 2018 through events for owners and get-togethers. Vertex has a diverse community, from doctors to lawyers, musicians to artists to scientists to teachers. They all share a common understanding.

Unexpectedly, for a British-based story, this watch is popular worldwide.

It's so nice. I haven’t really pushed it elsewhere because I lack the funds to do so. People have read the story and are interested in being a part.Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica I'd say that 70 percent of owners live in the UK. The rest are spread out around the globe.

Vertex M100 on nylon NATO strap

Caseback for the Vertex M100

Two Revolution editors, one in the UK, and another in Hong Kong are M100 owners.

It is flattering, and even more so when they like the watches. I respect Revolution and its editors, so I'm thrilled that these two chose to purchase Vertex watches. They did not come to me after reading or discussing articles written by each other. Both came separately, and I feel that's a good sign.

You have also allowed them to refer five of their readers to Revolution. This allows us to give 10 more of our readers a chance to purchase an M100.

I believe the owners should make the final decision on who they want to refer. They shouldn't be influenced in any way by me or anyone else. When we begin the events,Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches I believe that anyone who comes along will want be around people who are passionate for Vertex, watches, in general. And I imagine no one is more passionate than Revolution readers. I see no problem with it and I am actually thrilled that Revolution founder Wei Koh wants to do it.

Vertex is now at a crossroads.

As the M100 remains the main story, I won't talk about the future. But rest assured that this first model is only the beginning. It is still too early to consider special editions. The M100 is limited to 600 pieces. I won't do another run of the M100 with two red/purple/yellow dots and call it a new watch. I don't believe that's okay. We will, for instance, provide an additional strap that is specially sourced and beautiful, as part of the Revolution collaboration. However, the watch will still be exactly the same.