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The watch we are looking to develop is based upon an early Vertex design that was created during the Second World War. Vertex stopped making military watches after 1944 because of rationed imports. My great-grandfathers and grandfathers were allowed to import only a limited number of watches, so they decided to focus on gold and platinum pieces which could be sold for a higher price.Omega Seamaster 300M Replica The second Vertex contemporary will be an updated version of the original design, and is expected to launch by the end of 2018.

When you purchase the Vertex M100 from Revolution Shop, it comes with a peli bag and two straps. You will also receive an extra De Luca shell cordovan strap.


Vertex M100



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Was the Vertex Re-launch more a matter for family pride or a business proposal?

It's exciting to be part of a project like this. To start building a brand, and to have your own product out in the world. There's more to this story - I'm not done yet. I believe there is a market for a company such as Vertex, which does not sell 600-1,000 watches per year and is not overly commercial. We make beautiful things for people that appreciate them.Rolex Daytona Replica Watches We don't try to sell 40 different watches in different versions sold in 3,000 stores around the globe. Small companies have a place and their products do not need to be expensive.

The company must be commercially viable. I do not want investors, because they will have an opinion and I won't compromise my vision. I wanted to tell the story of Vertex and bring it back, but I needed to earn enough money to move the company on to the next phase. Now that we've accomplished this, I can write the next chapter. Every step forward is a gamble, but I'm confident we have good odds.

Do you think that the new Vertex will make the members of the old Vertex proud?

My uncle, who worked at Vertex in 1950s, finds the modern watch industry confusing because so many things have changed. The passion that we see today was not present 60 years ago. It would be wonderful if my grandparents could see us doing what we do. I'm sure they would be filled with pride. It's been a wonderful experience and it's exciting to imagine what the future could bring. In two or three years, we will have a much more sustainable business and can then really enjoy it.

Is there a bright future for your brand?

Without a goal, I'd be lost. I just want to have fun and don't care if I am part of a large group. I know that I'm not a multi-faceted machine. Next year, I will need to grow. We will be here for a long time.